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Benefits to Joining a Boater's Club:

No Property Taxes or Licensing Fees

No Payments

No Depreciation

No Long-Term Payments

No Slip or Storage Fees

No Maintenance

No Insurance Costs

No Dues

No Winterizing or Supply Costs

Are there any other charges in addition to the membership fee?

The only additional charge is for the gas you use.

Can other family members operate the boats? '

All memberships allow for one designated co-member to operate the boats. The co-member must be spouse or sibling and must be over the age of 21.

Boater's Club Most Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know boats will be available when I want to use them?

A member is allowed three full-day advance reservations on the books at any one time. As one reservation is used, another can be scheduled. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the boats. Impromptu use does not count against a member's advance reservations. Most members use their advance reservations for the weekends and fill in additional uses impromptu during the week.

How effective is the reservation system?

The Boater's Club keeps a ratio of seven members per boat. As more members join, additional boats are added to the fleet. The Boater's Club operates from a full-service marina, which means breakdowns are handled by trained mechanics to assure boats are back on line quickly.

How long can I take a boat out?

Boats are available during morning, afternoon and evenings either half-day or full-day. We ask each member for a float plan specifying time of departure and return. This allows us to accommodate other members by turning over boats two to three times per day, maximizing availability.

Am I responsible for damage to the boat?

We ask our members to treat the boats as if they were their own, yet accidents can occur. Members are responsible for the first $1,000 in damage to any boat club boat. Boating courses are available through The Boater's Club and outside service organizations. We encourage all members to take a boating course. We also offer members individual instruction.